Any good designer needs to be able to write well. Here is a sample of documents I've written that demonstrate my abilities to...

Design Document (GAT212)

Dance with Death is a tabletop role-playing game I designed across three project milestones in spring 2019. This document introduces the theme and setting for the game, outlines gameplay machanics for a new group of players, and provides examples and tools for a game master (or Director) to build content for a module. In some places, the document refers to a separate appendix document, which provides data tables for items, spells, armor, and other information to be referenced during gameplay.

Playtest Report (GAT250)

This report organizes feedback from 10 user playtests for my project Super Dunk Fighters. The feedback is first organized by the player that gave the feedback (with their permission), and then feedback is re-organized into a summary of action items at the end of the document.

Status Report (MGT451)

Post-Mortem (GAM450)

Empirical Analysis (CS330)

Step-by-Step Instructions (GAM300)

Narrative Scene (GAT330)

Team Presentation (GAT261)