About me

My full name is Grant Elliott Joyner. My online username is DigiGrant. My WuTang name is Beggar Charitable.

I am a student at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. I'm currently in my senior year, and I will be graduating this summer/fall! I specialize in level design and gameplay programming.

Over the course of studying at DigiPen, I have worked on 9 digital games. These include independent projects and team projects, and I used Unity and UE4 to make them. Additionally, I designed two tabletop RPG systems and countless paper prototypes for board games.

My degree program has given me many opportunities to learn and practice several different facets of design including level, system, UI, UX, and narrative design. I have taken classes for art, music, and film, as well as three psychology classes, to better understand the user and extend my designer toolbox beyond that of a basic level designer. I've learned to use tools like Unity, UE4, Photoshop, Maya, Audacity, etc. to create levels and assets. I've also stepped outside of my degree program and taken several CS classes which gave me two years of experience with C++ and introduced me to advanced programming concepts like data structures and algorithm analysis. Finally, I have experience using Git, SVN, and Perforce for version control, and I've used Slack, Skype, and Discord for communication.

My team projects at DigiPen have allowed me to exercise communication with teammates, producers, and professors (who fulfilled the roles of executives for the purpose of the project). Additionally, I have worked with other teammates to ask and answer questions, perform code reviews, conduct meetings, create tools to help other designers, establish deadlines, direct playtests, and prepare presentations.

Outside of DigiPen, I've worked as a lead instructor for Black Rocket, a company that creates classes to teach kids and teens of ages 7-15 how to make games. I taught 2D and 3D level design classes, as well as a programming class and a world building class that used Minecraft as a teaching tool. I also ran the first iteration of a VR class where I taught students how to build VR environments. My experience at Black Rocket gave me practice in verbal communication and instruction, communicating with multiple supervisors, organizing student projects and information, and leading assistant instructors.


I graduated from Manchester Valley High School in Manchester, MD in 2014. I attended Drexel University in Philadelphia for a year and studied one semester of computer engineering and one semester of UI design. I have attended DigiPen now for four years, where I have built my design and technical skills and specialized in level design. I plan to graduate from DigiPen with a BA in Game Design this summer.